After having grown for years with parakeets and parrots, we started producing various products in 1996 by a large local grower and export trader. He asked me to make the wooden transport runners from aluminum, so that they are much lighter. are in the plane.Then not yet knowing that there were many more advantages to the aluminum conveyors.And we found out because the aluminum conveyors no longer came back from abroad.And with that we started to manufacture aluminum conveyors. Because many breeders from all over Europe came to him, the transport runners, and a little later the wood and PVC breeding blocks, were constantly improved by their experiences and knowledge. We were also allowed to make products for various zoos such as zooparc Overloon and Artis Amsterdam.

Nowadays, JULSA Bird Supplies makes breeding blocks / nest boxes of wood, PVC, aluminum, aluminum transport runners, feeding systems, fly hatches, sand / drawers, perch holders etc. etc. All this is manufactured in our own workshop with sustainable materials such as: Birch plywood, aluminum, zinc, stainless steel, Plexiglas, PVC, and Sendzimir galvanized steel sheet. A different size or model is therefore no problem.

Some examples are: The breeding blocks of birch multiplex, durable and a very good moisture content. Aluminum corners and around the entry hole up to 2 mm thick, for a longer service life.